Our approach is different. Buying and/or selling property is one of the most stressful things we can do in life. Our aim is to make this transaction as stress-free as possible. Using a proactive approach to all aspects of the transaction, our objective is to be on the front foot, leaving nothing to chance. Of course, with many parties involved, there is always a chance of circumstances beyond our control and when a situation like this arises, we aim is to find a solution which gives you the result you require. Your best interests are our primary focus.

Conveyancing is predominantly a transaction based service and many conveyancing businesses operate on this basis. We do not work in volume. This means that our conveyancers are not under pressure to turn over a high number of conveyancing transactions. This enables us to spend the time needed with you and on your matter and ensures we are not under the unnecessary pressure of meeting deadlines and timeframes which are so critical in a conveyancing transaction.  

At Robertson Conveyancing, we love what we do and we want our clients to have a positive and enjoyable experience. We want you to come back to us every time you have a conveyancing transaction.

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